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1. pick your style

Select the style that works best for you. Choose your favourites between the biggest Pop-Art artists of our time and experience your picture in breath taking quality on canvas or poster.


2. pick your material

The material projects the high quality of your picture. Do you prefer a poster or canvas? The decision is on you. In case you search for something special, we recommend acryl-glass. Here you get the best contrast and the most vivid colors.


3. pick the format

Choose a format that works with your style. Be creative and think about where you want to place your picture. A general rule is “the bigger the better”. Your piece of art appears the best when it’s big.


4. Upload the picture and pick the number of persons

In the fourth step you need to upload your picture. If you want to upload a picture example or a second picture you can easily do this by pressing the + button. If you do have more than one person on the picture you can indicate that on the right side. If you want any text in the picture you have the possibility to write this down.


5. Choose the color or background

For some of our styles you have the possibility to choose a background or alternative colors. By choosing your favorites your picture becomes more personal and mirrors your individuality. You like it extremely colored? Or classic elegant? Choose what works best for you!


6. Check your order and write a message

In the last step you will get a summary of your order. Here you have the chance to change and check your order. If you have more ideas you can write a direct message to the artist. Our creatives are happy about every inspiration.


Every step on video

Every style (Warhol, Lichtenstein, SinCity, caricatures e.g.) is HANDMADE.
Our artists respond to your personal wishes that you can inform us about during the preliminary stages.
We do not work with automatic filters or other software during the creation of the pictures.