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Pop Art – What's that?

»In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.« - Andy Warhol

An art movement of original photo presents

In the search for an original gift one always comes across Pop Art and caricatures. Having Pop Art in mind the first impressions are Andy Warhol’s world-famous portrait pictures, Roy Lichtenstein’s distinctive “Ben Day Dots” and Banksy’s inimitable graffiti’s. Hardly another style embossed the modern art scene more as Pop Art did.

Pop Art - an art movement as an alternative concept

The style Pop Art developed around the late 1950’s and is characterized through strong elementary colors as well as the superficial representation of objects. At first sight these specific characteristics seem trivial. Nevertheless Pop Art is actually a reaction to the conceptional art of the modern and can be interpreted as an alternative draft to the intellectualism of the abstract art scene.

The best known representatives of Pop Art - Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Banksy

Handmade Pop Art Pictures by ArtYourFaceAt ArtYourFace you can order Pop Art pictures in different styles. Without a doubt the best known style is the one produced by Andy Warhol whose most famous portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or Mao Zedong are known all over the world. Of no less importance is the style of Roy Lichtenstein. What about a picture of yourself or your loved ones in comic style with the characteristic ‘Ben Day Dots’ in the background? Ready is the personalized photo gift! And do not forget Banksy who became international renown for his graffiti. Through the use of stencils and the resulting veridic image of the reality, Banksys art makes him an unforgettable part in the Pop Art scene! Get your own Banksy or surprise your loved one with a personalized picture in Banksy style!

Handmade Pop Art Pictures by ArtYourFace

You are looking for extraordinary gift ideas? What about personalized photo art? At ArtYourFace you find handmade graphic art produced with the best graphic tools. ArtYourFace was founded in 2010 by a young Startup-team consisting of business- and marketing experts and experienced graphic designers. Since then we specialized in graphic image processing what led us become one of the leading company for creative photo art in Germany which is due to not least of all our know-how and our artistic precision.